Friday, January 30, 2009


Company Profile

  RMP Infotec Private Limited was established with the basic idea of educating and training the common people with latest computer technologies to meet with global standards of Information Technology. RMP also offers innovative products to target various sectors of people. RMP edges to give an ultimate network marketing essence with wider business growth and opportunities. RMP is backed up with an excellent base of binary plan which gives the Distributor an opportunity to earn uninterrupted income. The well organized system enhances our Distributors to have easy and effective completion of work.

Our Motto : “Grow With Us”

Our Vision : “To help our distributors to attain the status of financial freedom”




E-Commerce in RMP

  In the current century one of the fastest ongoing Industries is E-commerce business. This business is geared up with rapid development phase day-by-day using innovative technologies . Already it secured a wonderful place in the wired planet technology through its unique mode of payment by digital cash. Herein after shopping means enjoying your favorite drink in your favorite place with your notebook connected to the internet over a wireless, high-speed link. Lets be glad that the world of shopping started turning the right way.

Importance in purchasing of product in RMP E-Commerce

  •   There are ranges of A~Z products with different categories updated periodically.

  •   This e-commerce will have an unique incentive plan in the ratio of 1:3

  •   Product prices are less than MRP.

  •   Distributor will be eligible for individual PV’s and up line PV’s for the purchase of   product.

  •   Compensation cut-off will take place every month.

Essence of RMP

  •    Unlimited income in Binary Plan

  •    Punctuality in delivery of Incentive Cheques.

  •    Prompt Dispatch of products.

  •    Customer Satisfaction.

  •    A proper financial backup system

  RMP is a strong base customer network driven company, which focus on customer satisfaction. The company driven by a well structured managerial co-ordination which enhances the height of exciting growth in business.



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